How to Engage with Prospects by Sending “Voicemails” in Facebook & Instagram

Nearly every successful real estate deal begins with a lead. Whether you’re a beginning or a seasoned agent, turning cold leads into actual sales will consume a huge amount of your work days. This necessary cultivation of prospects often involves countless hours of follow-up. Savvy agents like yourself often rely on the time-saving aspect of text messaging to follow-up with their prospective buyers. Though this text-based approach is indeed a time saver, relying solely on the written word puts even the most seasoned agent at risk of coming off to a potential buyer as detached. The tone of even your most well-intended text message scan easily be misconstrued by prospective buyers.

A recent Forbes Magazine Council Post lends supports to the idea that buyers would be wise to assess potential agents as people first as opposed to relying solely on their years of industry experience or closing records. Industry savvy agents understand that they must do everything in their power to facilitate a positive bond with prospective buyers. The voice messaging features available through social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s direct message feature can provide you a quick, convenient method for personalizing your interactions with prospects.


Facebook Messenger

Facebook is the world’s largest social media platform and boasts 2.4 million Unites States based users. Facebook’s related platform, Facebook Messenger, allows users to interact directly and privately with Facebook contacts. Using Facebook Messenger’s voice-messaging feature can help you remind hard won prospects that there’s a real person invested in seeing that their property buying and selling needs are met.
Voice messaging is a feature available via Facebook Messenger. Using voice messaging through this platform is quite simple:

  • Open Facebook Messenger.

  • Select your prospect’s Name.

  • Select the four dots under the left hand side of the response field. This activates your microphone.

  • Record your personalized voice message.

  • Press send to relay the message to your prospect.

“Voice messages open up a level of transparency and authenticity that one can’t reach through text. Sometimes, interpretations of texts can sometimes seem different than how it is written. Voice comes across more direct, in a personalized way. My clients like it and usually reply with an emoji, but i know it keeps communication on a much more relatable level. ”

— – Dante Bruzzese, Real Estate Agent with Compass & Partner with The Movement Group



Instagram is another popular mobile social network that allows users to share content by posting photos and videos. This unique platform’s user base is projected to surpass 111 million users this year. Instagram’s graphics-based content makes the platform a natural match for agents who want to market their listings to an enormous audience. Like Facebook, Instagram offers voice-messaging through an easy to use direct message feature. Sending personal voice messages through Instagram is a quick and easy process:

  • Open a direct message.

  • Navigate to your clients name and touch to select.

  • Press the microphone icon on the right hand side of the message entry field.

  • Record your personalized message.

  • Press the right-facing arrow to send your voice message to your prospect.

In Conclusion

Much of every successful real estate pro’s day should be invested in turning cold leads into real prospects. While time-tested marketing techniques should never be cast off, the most successful agents are all about staying on top of new techniques designed to personalize their interactions with potential clients. Using Facebook Messenger’s and Instagram’s voice-messaging features allows you to insert warmth and personality into what can otherwise be misconstrued by your buyer as just another lifeless sales pitch.

The most successful real estate professionals understand that the time they invest in lead generation truly is money. This is why the top agents and teams in the industry rely on professional social media marketing firms like Dippidi to maximize their social media’s ability to build brand awareness and generate quality leads. We create relevant content that attracts new website visitors; re-engage those visitors with brand-centric content to create opportunities for conversations; then delight them with content that converts them into new or returning clients.

Want to give it a shot?

Try it out and send us a test on either Facebook Messenger or Instagram. We can’t wait to see what you think.