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Spend more time closing and less time qualifying with Structurely

Conversational artificial intelligence that responds to, qualifies and nurtures your online leads

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Dippidi AI Assistant Powered By Structurely

is pre-trained and proven in lead conversion. Skilled objection handler, bilingual and empathetic.


Text Response Rate


Email Open Rate


Qualification Rate

What Can Dippidi AI Assistant Do For You?

Get up to 7x More Appointments Set with Your AI Assistant

From quick first-touch texts to conversations that require long-term follow up, your AI Assistant is on the job.


Instantly engage new leads

I text and email leads 24/7/365 within 2 minutes


Revive old leads

I reach out and nurture old leads, then engage in a two-way conversation


Long-term follow-up

I nurture unresponsive leads until they respond


Empathize and provide value

I can handle objections respectfully and always come from value


Schedule appointments

I ask for appointment availability or integrate directly with your scheduling app


Collect data and update your CRM

I gather lead information automatically and update it in your CRM


AI Text Message

Text messaging is the future of sales. Dials are dying and your leads are buying through messaging. Send instant responses to new leads 24/7/365 with a 98% open rate and 57% response rate. Your AI assistant will have empathetic, human-like conversations to qualify your leads.


AI Email

Your leads know email. It's where they've bought for years. Your AI assistant immediately responds to leads to qualify them and nurtures those leads who have not responded yet.

Here's how your AI Assistant

converts more of your real estate leads

Make the first impression with your real estate leads

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Connect lead sources

Connect new leads from your FollowUp Boss CRM or revitalize existing leads.


Long-term follow up

Most deals take 6 - 8 contacts to close. Our AI Assistant nurtures unresponsive leads 25 times over 12 months


You take over lead

Get notified of leads that are ready for you through mobile app, text message or email

What questions do you have?

Yes, we email your contacts!

Yes, I text your contacts.

We follow up with your unresponsive contacts for 12 months. I also follow up with contacts who initially responded but then stopped responding.

I'm an AI Assistant, but you'd never know I'm not human. I overcome objections, have empathy and include the occasional typo in my messages just like my human friends would!

Yep! I'm bilingual in Spanish in English so if a contact requests to speak in Spanish, I automatically switch to messaging in Spanish.

I'm eligible to work in the United States and Canada right now.

Yes! I directly integrate with your Followup Boss CRM so you can see all the conversations I'm having with your contacts right in your CRM. You can also see my conversations in the Structurely dashboard or mobile app.

yes, we have a 6-month contract.

I come pre-trained so you don't need to train me!

Yes! You can customize the questions I ask, answers I provide and responses I say.

Yep! I directly connect with your Followup Boss CRM so all my conversations are sent back to your FUB in real-time.

I copy the lead routing rules you have set up in your CRM so the right lead always goes to the right rep!

I'll send you push notifications through the Structurely mobile app, text message and email so you're always up to speed.

I have a human team that helps me create the best possible response for your leads when I get stumped!

Select Your Plan Size

Introduce me to your team and hire me!


50 Contacts/mo



100 contacts/mo



200 contacts/mo



500 contacts/mo



  • AI Text Assistant
  • AI Email Assistant
  • New and existing contacts
  • 24/7/365 contact engagement
  • 12+ months follow-up
  • Appointment scheduling
  • No setup fee
  • Followup Boss integration
  • Bilingual in Spanish + English
  • Mobile app: take over conversation at anytime
  • Copied contact routing from CRM
  • Dedicated account support rep to help
  • Custom scripts available for $200/hour
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