5 Facebook Ads That Actually Generate Leads for Real Estate Agents

Facebook is a tricky place if you’re looking for a way to get the best possible return on investment when you decide to advertise there, but there are some types of Facebook ads that are more successful than others. Techniques like using videos and giving sneak peeks of upcoming properties are tactics that can often work for the real estate niche on Facebook. In fact, you might find that Facebook advertising for real estate agents reaches an audience that you can’t get with billboard marketing or even ads placed on other social media sites. These are some of the most effective types of Facebook ads that you should consider placing to get the most out of your time and your dollar.


1. Give a Preview of a Desirable Property

One of the best ways to entice readers on Facebook is to make them feel like they have premium access to homes that most other people don’t yet know about. Since the housing market has been so swayed in the favor of the seller over the last couple of years, buyers are hungry to know about the best option before everyone else has seen them. That’s why this technique is working so well on Facebook right now. You need to choose both the property and the featured photo well, though. People on Facebook are often scrolling through quickly just like they are most other places online, so having an eye-catching photo of an attractive property that is likely to be similar to what a lot of people are looking for will also help you in your search for leads. Then, finish off your ad with a short, simple description of the property. Tell people that this home hasn’t yet hit the MLS listing, and give a quick call to action inviting people to click on the ad and look at more properties. Even if they decide that they’re not interested in your featured property, they might decide that they like something else once they go to look at other MLS listings.


2. Show a Video With Drone Footage

One of the best ways to give a sense of movement is to use drone aerial video footage, and movement makes properties seem more dynamic. Drone filming has become popular in the real estate industry because it gives the viewer an overview of the neighborhood and makes the property feel exciting and fresh. Later, you’ll want to add more video footage of the backyard and interior of the home. Again, you should feature an attractive property that’s likely to appeal to a large number of homebuyers in your location. You can also tell a story about the town or a resident to give your ad a more personal touch. If you show the inside of the home, make sure that you keep the video movements going to keep the watcher’s interest.


3. Make Your Personal Brand Memorable With a Facebook Ad

You want to entice people into looking at photos of houses that you’re trying to sell, but you also want people to remember you when they choose to start the process of shopping for a home in person. You’ll love that you can make yourself memorable to the right type of lead with a video that features you or something memorable about your brand. The opening frame for your video should be something that stands out and catches your eye. Then, have a simple message that has your name and the name of your agency if you use one. You can also have a simple message that tells the potential client more about what you aim to provide them when working with buyers or sellers. For instance, you might talk about how you want to earn their trust.


4. Show the Most Attractive Properties to Everyone

Another tactic is to put one of the most attractive properties on the market on your Facebook page. Even if it’s not a property that is going to suit a wide range of people’s needs, you’ll get a lot of clicks because it’s just so enticing to take a peek by clicking on the ad. Then, when you get people on the listings pages, you’ll be able to get them to look at other properties that are going to be more of an interest to them. There are many types of properties that are beautiful and people are going to want to look at, but not all types of homes are going to work with all people’s needs. There’s still value in featuring the show-stoppers because you can get people to remember your brand and get them on the listings pages even if they know that your featured property isn’t right for them. Plus, if you’re trying to find the right buyer for a property that’s going to have limited interest, you might have to put in more effort to find prospective buyers.


5. Create a Home Valuation Ad

If you’re looking for a way to bring in more potential sellers, putting up a home valuation ad is a great way to pique sellers’ interest. A home valuation ad puts out your services as a way to learn what their homes are actually worth. Many sites like Zillow have estimates that can be grossly off base. In the ad, you should remind people of this by subtly asking them if they know what their home is really worth. By encouraging them to contact you about getting a home valuation, you can draw in homeowners who have been thinking about selling their homes but aren’t sure if they’re ready quite yet, possibly because they don’t know what kind of returns they can expect when they sell.


When you’re a real estate agent, you need to find ways to attract new clients. Facebook ads for realtors can bring in some extra clients that you might otherwise miss with other forms of advertising because it’s still one of the main types of social media that some groups of people use over Instagram and other social media sites. And when you work with a real estate marketing agency, you’ll get help with ad design or even an entire marketing plan. If you are ready to start taking advantage of these 5 tips, schedule a discovery call with us to find out how we can help you today!