11 Proven Google Ads Strategies for Real Estate Agents

Many savvy realtors turn to Google to market their services. A professional real estate marketing agency will help you to hone in on the most effective Google ad strategies in order to promote your business. You will leverage all of the power of Google if you focus on these proven 11 ad strategies for real estate agents.

Lean on the Geo-Targeting Feature: One of the best features of Google marketing is its geo-targeting filter. With this feature, you can localize your ads so that they target the right buyers. The last thing that you want is to spend valuable money marketing a property in Miami only to have the ad go out to buyers in Seattle. You will find this customization option in the Locations options of your Google Ads account.

Use Negative Keywords: Google allows you to add negative keywords to your search parameters. This alerts the Google algorithm to filter out set keywords so that these potential buyers do not see your ad. For instance, if you are not looking to target buyers looking for beachfront property, you can set that phrase up as a negative keyword. The goal is to get the right eyes to look at your ads. The use of negative keywords can help you to maximize your niche in the market when used smartly.

Do Not Delay in Tracking Conversations: The Google Analytics feature is useful in helping you to determine how well your ad is performing. Do not delay the process of tracking the success of your ad. You will be able to adjust your ad message in a timely manner once you have the relevant data in hand. For example, what percentage of users actually click on the ad? Are these clicks translating to buyers? Knowing this data is important as you continue to use the platform.

Aim for Top Ad Positions: Clearly, you will get more clicks if your ad is positioned higher in the Google rank. This makes it important to bid for that top position. You will naturally get a higher click-through rate if your advertisement is higher in the list, making it vital that you take the steps to bid your ad higher.

Create Different Ad Groups: You will be able to organize your Google leads for realtors more effectively if you create different ad groups. Examples of these category split ideas include single-family homes, condos, cabins, and commercial real estate. By creating multiple diversified ad groups, you can cater your services to different types of housing. This will allow the right properties to show up to the appropriate buyers when they search your listings.

Write Multiple Ad Copies: When it comes to marketing a listing on Google, you will see more success if you write multiple versions of the ad copy. The goal of your Google ads should be to target the keywords that potential buyers are looking for in a specific location. This is why multiple versions based on those specific keywords will increase the number of eyes on the copy.

Implement Ad Extensions: Ad extensions will make your ads stand out from the crowd, generating more clicks as a result. The three major types of ad extensions include a message extension, a call extension, and a location extension. Using an extension will increase the odds that you make a direct connection with the potential buyer.

Budget Your Money Wisely: Using Google ads is an investment, making it crucial that you are always aware of what you are spending and the results that are generated. Be sure to take regular data dives to ensure that your investment is paying off in the form of increased leads. You do not want to wait until you have already sunk a significant amount of your marketing dollar in this practice only to realize that it is not working.

Ensure Quality Landing Pages: The landing page is typically the first exposure that a prospective buyer will have with your campaign. Creating unique landing pages for each campaign will translate to better retention. The landing pages need to include relevant information while also delivering aesthetically pleasing graphics. Depending on your skill level and marketing budget, you can create a landing page on your own or lean on one of the many hosting templates. The bottom line is that the individual landing pages need to provide value to the user.

Include Brand Name in Headline: Do not hesitate to use your brand name in the ad headline. Hiding your brand name can be counterproductive when trying to build trust with a potential buyer. This strategy is particularly important if your name is well known throughout the real estate industry. Use this name recognition to your advantage by featuring it in the ad headline. If your name is not widely recognized, this is a great way to start that process. The name is getting exposure even if your ad does not generate clicks.

Adhere to Google Policies: Lastly, you need to familiarize yourself with Google’s policies surrounding housing ads. Because the real estate industry is highly regulated, Google has a responsibility to implement best practices for these types of ads. Be sure to take the time to understand all of Google’s full policy guidelines so that you do not inadvertently violate any of these rules. It is up to you to ensure that your ads are always compliant with the latest set of guidelines.

The best Google ads for real estate agents lean on these 11 strategies to create a winning marketing plan. Do not let the influence of Google go to waste when marketing your real estate service.