Webinar: Why Cold Calling Is NOT Dead in Real Estate

If there's one thing I know, it's that Loida Velasquez is a beast when it comes to real estate marketing and sales tips. She's been a licensed real estate agent since 2015, and hit the ground running immediately by creating YouTube videos with Agent Tips, Live Cold Calls, and so many other amazing tricks for real estate agents to level up their business.

One thing she preaches is the power of cold calling and how was and is a pivotal component to being a successful real estate agent.

Many agents avoid it with all as much as possible, but Loida decided to learn in cold calling real estate leads, and it paid off. She found that she was booking so many appointments from online real estate leads and winning listings left and right.

Now, she's with eXp Realty and coaches many of the agents on her team to follow the same plan!

Listen in on this webinar as Dippidi Co-Founder, Austin St. Jean was able to learn a little more about Loida's process when it comes to cold calling real estate leads.

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