Webinar: The Importance of Pain-Based Conversations During Your Sales Process

Wow! This conversation with Sandler Sales Trainer, Rich Austin was insanely insightful.

Rich has over a decade of experience helping sales professionals in various industries implement foundations, processes, and strategies to enhance their communications when selling.

Dippidi Co-Founder, Austin St. Jean was able to sit down with Rich for nearly a hour of conversation in which you could totally feel Austin's excitement on the topic.

Rich and Austin dive into:

- Pattern-interuptions to stand out over the phone when calling inbound leads
- Pain-based qualifying to peel back layers and get to the truth behind a prospects purchasing decision
- Disqualifying yourself as a fit for the prospect if you can determine that you indeed cannot help them reach their goals
- Building a cookbook to plan your sales goals for the year and how to get there on a micro-actionable result

This was just filled with pure brilliance.

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