4 Ideas For Realtors to Increase Lead Quality

When it comes to generating real estate leads there is a difference between having a list of random potential buyers versus having leads for people who are truly interested in making an offer on the properties you are showing. Increasing the quality of the leads that you put your marketing efforts toward is easier when you utilize these best lead-generation strategies for real estate.

Let Your Customers Speak for Themselves

Happy customers are often eager to share their experiences in an effort to not only help your business succeed but also to provide information to other buyers who are just entering the home shopping process. Providing your past customers with multiple ways to leave positive reviews increases the likelihood that they’ll give their feedback. Spreading the reviews across several different platforms also expands the reach. Consider establishing a testimonial page on your realtor’s website. Then, encourage your customers to leave reviews on real estate and neighborhood platforms. You can even ask your customers if they’d like to take a photo in front of their new house or make a video to share their experience. When prospective buyers see your past customers’ success, they’ll feel more confident reaching out for your services.

Use Lead Segmentation to Direct Your Marketing Efforts

Taking a deeper look at the leads that you’ve been generating can give you more insight into how you can reach those that are truly interested in purchasing a home. Too often, people choose to window shop for homes long before they are actually ready to make an offer, and it is possible that you are sending marketing materials to those who aren’t actually ready to buy a home right now. Or, you might be using the wrong methods that aren’t meeting your leads’ needs. For example, sending out an email blast about a beginner’s guide to home buying won’t resonate with a lead that has already made the initial steps of getting a loan pre-approval and figuring out their budget.

Lead segmentation involves taking a look at various criteria regarding the prospective clients that you have on your list. You can analyze data to determine which leads are ready to buy today, such as checking to see how often people are interacting with your company’s social media pages or website content. Analyzing your leads to determine buyer personas can help you to determine if they fit within the demographics of who is buying homes in a specific area. You may also choose to see which leads are signing up for your real estate mailing lists or monthly newsletters to get a clue as to how well the generation tactics are working. When you see that people are interacting with the marketing materials and resources that you provide, then you can expect the quality of the leads will be better.

In every level of Dippidi’s marketing plans, we offer Facebook & Instagram retargeting where we can segment your CRM database to ensure that we are not only staying top of mind with your past clients and sphere, but also re-engaging your database with various ads.

Get Involved at the Local Level

Sending out a social media update on a local community event is a great way to show that your brand is relevant in nearby neighborhoods. Yet, that isn’t necessarily enough to help you generate active leads. Instead, you might need to dive into the community a bit more to start helping people get to know why your real estate business is essential for meeting their needs.

Sponsoring special events through the parks and recreation departments or nearby schools helps to get your name out there. You can also choose to host seminars and other educational events in your community. Establishing yourself as a local authority helps attract new leads that already have a positive view of your reputation.

Create and Share High-Quality Content

People make judgments about an agent’s ability to help them based on the information that they see online or in the mail. As an agent, you should consider your website and social media platforms to be a kind of storefront that can attract and intrigue prospective clients. Making sure that your website is up-to-date and filled with fresh content (like the content we help agents create in our Pro plan) shows that you are on top of your game. Providing informative blog posts also educates your clients and makes it more likely that they’ll come to you informed and confident that they are ready to proceed with the home-buying process.

As you update your online presence, remember that your other marketing materials also matter. Take a moment to ensure that your current print mailers, flyers, and other materials still reflect your goals and are relevant in a changing community. As a final note, you may want to plan for monthly email newsletters that can help catch leads as they begin to transition from the early stages of planning to put their plans into action.

A quality lead is one that you can turn into a satisfied client, and each positive experience that you have with a home buyer leads to even more opportunities to find other people who need your services. While having a list of names and the people’s contact information is always helpful, you can waste hours and precious time and money reaching out to people who just aren’t really interested in buying or selling a home right now. Taking your time to analyze data and target truly interested leads helps you to build a stronger client base that builds your real estate business.

How Dippidi Can Help Generate Qualified Leads

We try our best to help real estate agents, teams, and brokerages not only generate more real estate leads, but also qualify the leads using Dippidi’s AI Sales Assistant powered by Structurely. Start off by scheduling a discovery call to review one of our three built-for-you marketing plans and while you’re on the call, ask our friendly marketing expert about Structurely. This will allow Dippidi to generate new real estate leads of people searching for homes on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, and then the AI will follow up with the leads for 12 months each via text and email. Once a lead is interested or requesting for an agent to follow up, you will be notified in your Follow Up Boss CRM and a task will be assigned for you to contact them ASAP.